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Sharurah Province

Sharurah  is a desert city and lies  in the south western  edge of the Empty Quarter Desert. It is called (the bride of Empty Quarter).It is considered to be  The new gateway to Saudi Arabia for those coming from  the Republic of Yemen and is Located by latitude and longitude (17.28 N) and (47.06 E).Sharurah is one of the provinces of Najran region and is Belonging to it  administratively . It is about 360 km away from Najran with  an estimated population of 72.804 inhabitants.It has  several villages and centers including Alwadeah, Alakhashim, Tamani, Sultana ,Umm Gharib, Umm Ghowair etc.
                                                                                Structure  Historical status and social                                  
Sharurah was a lifeless desert and it was an area  where floods gather after a heavy rainfall .In the past, Sharurah was not a pathway for any convoys among cities but was the home of Sayaar Tribe where they looked after their sheep and camels. Later on, many tribes settled down in Sharurah, including,Nahd,Alkatheer, Balubaid,Hadramout,Yafi'a and Hammam. These tribes migrated from Yemen to Sharurah for various reasons, either political, commercial or social ones. Then a lot of Saudis, non-Saudis and military corps employees have settled there. Thanks to God (Allah )Almighty, then our government which offers services to ensure the citizen's education, health and prosperity. There also a Department of Investigation and Prosecution, a Traffic Department, general and partial courts, a branch of municipality, a  general prison unit ,police ,a Civil Affairs Office, a Passport Office, an Office of the Directorate of Water, an Office of the Ministry of Finance, an Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, a Branch of Saudi Credit Bank , an Office of Education frontier corps center and Road Safety Department.
Trade and Marketing
STC, Mobily and Zain Telecommunication companies offer  through its offices in Sharurah a lot of services including landline, mobile phones and internet, as well as the Saudi Electricity Company offers its services through power stations and aservice office. There is a branch of the Chamber of Commerce. It also has many modern malls that contains lots of international and local brands.It has different vehicle agents and banks, too. There are many entertainment places for families and individuals.
There are many governmental schools; elementary ,intermediate and secondary (about 38 for boys and 46 for girls).
Youth and Sports
In Sharurah, There  are Sports Club , many private gyms and a field for camel races where thoroughbred camel races take place.
In Sharurah,there are a general hospital, a dental center, primary health care centers, pharmacies and a military hospital as well.
Housing for public security employees is available and There are many buildings , hotels and motels for rent.
Sharurah has been linked with Najran,Kharkheer,Wadi Addawasir and Alwadeah all the way to theSaudi port to the Republic of Yemen by modern ,well paved roads.
Water pipes of fresh water are being dug to reach everybody's houses in                                                                 Sharurah